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Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kun anti-corruption to pay everyone how to fall body care
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  Jiaozuo Hongkun cathodic protection anti-corrosion materials Co., Ltd. located in the Central Plains region of Henan Province Jiaozuo, is specialized in cathodic protection of materials production, sales, program design, construction, technical advice as one of the new enterprise. Strong management within the company, standardize the operation, access to the "anti-corrosion industry's most influential brand" and other honors.

  In the fall of the biggest body of the body is what the beginning of autumn, what is the health, weight loss rules? In a lot of time the beginning of autumn is the beginning of autumn, Li Qiu health can not leave the "income, support" this principle。 Health of the autumn of the dry climate that is to say, Li Qiu health to lose weight must care about the body of the chi as a primary task。 Summer and Autumn Festival, day and night temperature difference, as early as Chengdu, you can choose the temperature fluctuated, often disease-prone "troubled times。" In view of the climatic characteristics of this period, the diet is necessary to heat up, but also pay attention to exercise, but also a reasonable adjustment Liqiu diet。


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