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Flexible anode
  • Flexible anode
  • Flexible anode
  • Flexible anode
Product description

  1, product model: AFLX-1500

  2, flexible anode diameter: 35mm

  3, conductive polymer diameter: 13.2 ± 0.5 mm

  4, the standard weight: 1.49kg / m

  5, laying depth (tank bottom): 500 mm or more

  6, laying distance (buried pipeline: from the outer wall of the pipe 1-3D

  7, the activated carbon consumption rate: 1 Kg / A-year

  8, the maximum output current density: 52 mA / m

  MMO type flexible anode (GDHCTECH MA 52mA / 1 × 10) technical specifications

  1. Flexible anode structure

  2. Rated operating current: 52mA / m;



  3. Design life: ≥ 25 years

  4. Flexible anode basic dimensions

  Finished diameter: Φ38.0mm ± 2.0mm

  5. anode body

  Internal cable: Structure: 1 × 10mm2

  Copper wire DC resistance:

  GB / T 3048-2007 "Wire and cable point performance test method", ≤ 1.95Ω / km

  MMO wire: diameter: Φ1。0mm

  Substrate: ASTM B863-2010 "Titanium and Titanium Alloy Wire Standard": Grade 1 Titanium

  Coating thickness: ASTM B568-2009 "X-ray spectroscopy analysis of coating thickness", ≥ 6 g / m2

  6。 Toner:

  Fixed carbon content:

  GB2001-91 "coke industry analysis and determination method", ≥ 98。0%


  YS / T587.12-2006 "Method for the determination of petroleum coke after calcination for carbon anodes - Part 12: Determination of particle size distribution", 0.1 mm - 1.0 mm

  Volume resistivity:

  GB / T24521-2009 "Coke resistivity test method", ≤0.05Ω.m.

  7. Wrap the cloth cover

  Breaking strength:

  ISO 3303-1990 "Rubber- or plastics- coated fabrics -Determination of bursting tength", ≥ 500N

  Quality per unit area:

  GB / T 4669-2008 "Determination of unit length and mass per unit area of woven fabrics", ≥ 210 g / m2

  Number of wear (0.600 water sandpaper):

  GB / T21196-2007 "Determination of abrasion resistance of textiles Martindale fabrics - Part 2: Determination of breakage of specimens", ≥100 times

  Puncture resistance

  ASTM D4833-2007 "geotextile, plastic film and its related products, anti-piercing index of the standard test method", ≥ 28kg

  8。 Outer woven filaments

  Linear density:

  GB / T 14343-2008 "Chemical fiber filament yarn density test method", ≥ 2000.0 dtex

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