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Deep well anodes
  • Deep well anodes
Product description

  The main purpose: deep well anode for large long-distance pipeline, urban pipe network, hydropower projects, the surface soil resistivity of the buried metal structure of the cathodic protection. Is one of the main technologies of long-distance pipeline, urban pipe network and regional protection.

  ★ deep well anode refers to the top of the anode body from the ground ≥ 15m of the anode bed, is relatively shallow buried anode.

  ■ Structural features:

  ★ deep well anode system consists of deep well anode body, deep well anode, internal airway device, filler, cable, well protection device and other structures。

  ★ deep well anode according to the requirements can be used precious metal oxide anode, high quality silicon cast iron anode.

  ★ Precious metal oxide anode

  ☆ Precious metal oxide anode is a titanium-based + iridium, platinum and other precious metal oxide coating of the new anode.

  ■ Model specifications:

modelPrecious metal oxide anode (mm)High-quality high-silicon cast iron anode (mm)Anode body size(mm)Number of built-in anodes(root)Remarks
SDSG-1¢25×1000/¢273×60003Table data for reference only, according to user requirements design, production

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