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Intelligent test pile
  • Intelligent test pile
Product description

  Chapter 1 Purchasing Check

  This chapter describes the purchase of HK-MTU-T8000P series of intelligent  wireless test post need to confirm the content.

  1 Overview

  2. Check out the box

  3。 Nameplate data

  1.1 Overview

  The HK-MTU-T8000P series of intelligent wireless test piles includes two  parts of the test pile pile (composite) and the test pile intelligent wireless  data remote module, in which the test pile intelligent wireless data remote  module is transported in an independent packaging way。

  After the test pile is fixed in the field, it can be used to test the  installation and testing of the intelligent data remote sensing module. The test  pile intelligent wireless data remote module must be installed and configured  correctly to meet the design function. Hardwell Automation Technology Co., Ltd.  under the guidance of qualified engineers to install.

  1.2 out of the box inspection

  Products in the factory before the strict inspection, but due to transport  or may not be expected to happen, so after the purchase of the product, be sure  to carefully check.

Confirm  the projectConfirmation  method
Whether  or not parts are damaged or damagedCheck  the overall appearance and check for damage in shipping
Screws  and other fastening parts are looseIf  necessary, check with a screwdriver
Brochures,  certificates and other accessoriesManual  and corresponding accessories

  For safe transport, intelligent wireless test piles are usually required to  pack, when you open the box, please keep the packaging materials for future use  when the need for transport.

  Including the following components:

  ● HK-MTU-T8000P series test pile pile (composite material) 1

  ● HK-MTU-T8000P series test pile intelligent wireless data remote module 1  only

  ● Product accessories (including nameplate, waterproof caps, fixing screws,  cable ties, etc。) 1 batch

  ● 1 part of product manual

  ● 1 product certificate

  1.3 nameplate data

  1。3。1 test pile intelligent wireless data remote module nameplate

  1.3.2 Test Pile Intelligent Wireless Data Remote Module Model  Description

  Chapter 2 Installation Wiring

  This chapter mainly describes the installation of the equipment size and  wiring requirements

  1. Installation dimensions are connected to the cable

  2. Installation site requirements and management

  2.1 installation size and cable connection

  2。1。1 test pile intelligent wireless data remote module dimensions;

  2.1.3 Connection of cables

  Test pile intelligent wireless data remote module used

  Waterproof cable direct connection, cable specifications:

  4 core * 0.5mm2 waterproof cable.

  The interface definition and connection line of the signal cable are shown  in the following diagram:

Signal  acquisition cable terminal
Line  numberSignal  nameWiring  instructionsRemarks
CN1pipelineConnected  to the pipe
CN2Reference  electrodeConnected  to the reference electrode or to the reference electrode of the polarizing  probe
CN3Polarized  electrodeAnd  the polarized probe in the polarization plate connectedThis  terminal is the same potential
CN4Polarized  electrodeAnd  the polarized probe in the polarization plate connected

  2.1.4 Power supply

  Test pile intelligent wireless data remote module using a high-performance  lithium battery as a power supply, in order to adapt to the complex application  environment, improve the stability of the system, the module uses advanced power  management technology, great Extending the power cycle of the powered battery  pack.

  2.2 Installation site requirements and management

  Please install this product in the vicinity of the pipeline and fill the  inside of the test pile with cement for reinforcement of the pile。 If the  intelligent wireless data remote module and special antenna in the test pile are  submerged in the water for a long time, Normal work, but also lead to wireless  signals can not be fired。

  2.2.1 installation site

  The installation site should meet the following conditions:

  N Ambient temperature -40 ℃ - + 60 ℃;

  N try to avoid high temperature and humidity, humidity less than 90% RH, no  rain dripping;

  Do not install on flammable objects such as wood;

  N No flammable, corrosive gases and liquids;

  N installation base is solid without vibration;

  N No electromagnetic interference, away from interference sources;

  Chapter 3 Technical parameters

  This chapter mainly describes the technical parameters of the test pile  intelligent wireless data remote module。

  1. Module function

  2。 Technical parameters

  3.1 module function

  [GPRS section]

  Support dual frequency GSM / GPRS

  N supports 800 / 1900MHz dual frequency

  N real time clock


  N Working frequency band 2.4GHz

  N Bluetooth protocol V4.0 BLE

  N Sensitivity -93dBm

  N Communication distance 20m

  【GPS Beidou module】

  N Level accuracy 2m

  N channel: 72 search channel

  N Sensitivity -167dBm


  Transparent data transmission and protocol conversion

  N Data terminal is always online or operating mode selection

  N support virtual data private network

  N support RS-485 interface

  N Optimize the electromagnetic compatibility design, suitable for  electromagnetic environment and the requirements of high application  requirements

  N The use of advanced power technology, power supply to adapt to a wide  range of equipment to improve the stability

  3。2 Technical parameters

  Test pile intelligent wireless data remote module main technical  indicators:

  Sampling parameters:

  Power supply potential

  Power off

  n Ambient temperature

  n Ambient humidity

  n Geographic information


  n Antenna interface 50 / SMA / female head

  n Serial data interface

  v Type: RS-485

  v Data rate: 300 ~ 115.200bits / s

  v Interface terminal: Standard USB interface

  powered by:

  n Battery voltage: + 7.2VDC, ripple less than 300mV

  n Battery capacity: 56AH

  Power consumption:

  n communication: an average of 500mA

  n Idle when: 20uA

  Safety performance:

  n Input impedance: ≥ 100MΩ

  n Lightning protection: reference potential input with anti-lightning  protection

  n Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance of reference line and  housing, zero line and housing> 10MΩ

  n anti-AC interference: anti-AC interference voltage 30VAC

  n power strength: 1500V, which lasted 1min

  Chapter 4 Installation of Intelligent Wireless Test Pile

  This chapter introduces the structure and installation method of  intelligent wireless test pile.

  1. Intelligent wireless test pile pile body method

  2。 Intelligent wireless test pile pile debugging steps

  3。 Intelligent wireless test pile module installation and commissioning

  4.1 Intelligent wireless test pile pile structure

  The intelligent wireless test pile pile is made of composite material  (resin + high strength glass fiber), its external dimensions and color, meet the  requirements of the China Petroleum and Natural Gas and Pipeline Branch on the  mileage pile / test pile, the appearance of Figure 4- 1:

  4.2 Embedded method of intelligent wireless test pile

  The test pile pile placement at the bottom of the placement of cement  fixed, and placed in which Ф50 PPR tube (for the laying of the signal cable),  until the cement solidification, and then the upper part of the test pile with  soil fill, The pile size of the test pile is shown in Fig. 1:

  4.3 test pile intelligent wireless data remote module installation and  debugging

  When installing the wireless data remote module in the field, follow the  steps below:

  1) Cable handling:

  The wireless data remote module on the signal cable sheath, from the root  stripping 50mm, dotted line with a waterproof tape wrapped, as shown in Figure  2;

  Each signal line stripped 25mm, as shown in Figure 2;

  The pipe connecting cable stripping about 12mm, and retain the diameter  Φ4mm within, please spare part (broken line) cut off, as shown in Figure 3;

  The reference electrode line stripped about 12mm;

  2) Cable connection:

  The "brown" line in the wire is connected to the reference electrode cable  and fixed with a brown waterproof cap with a neutral waterproof glue, and the  waterproof cap and waterproof glue should be completely wrapped in the cable  exposed;

  The "blue" line in the wire is connected with the pipe connecting cable and  fixed with a yellow waterproof cap with a neutral waterproof glue, and the  waterproof cap and waterproof glue should be completely wrapped in the cable  exposed;

  Connect the "black" wire in the wire to the polarized electrode 1 in the  polarizing probe, connect the "gray" wire in the wire to the polarized electrode  2 in the polarizing probe, and connect the neutral " Yellow waterproof cap fixed  firmly, and waterproof cap and waterproof plastic should be completely wrapped  cable exposed。

  3) Cable fixing:

  Will be connected to the completion of the cable, 50mm from the joint, with  a plastic strapping fixed firmly, placed in the test pile body;

  4) Power on module:

  The power switch on the wireless data remote module placed in the "power"  state, the module will automatically enter the work mode;

  5) Equipment commissioning:

  Open the intelligent cathodic protection management platform mobile client,  enter the field device management options, through the Bluetooth and device  communication to see whether the data collected by the device is accurate, and  the device location information uploaded to the network platform.

  6) Fixation with pile:

  Will be completed after the completion of the steps of the red side of the  cap and the pile connection in the pile and pile cap overlap at the four sides  near the edge of 20mm, drill a Φ3。5mm hole, and M4 tapping screws fixed, as  shown in Figure 5;

  7) Fixed nameplate:

  On the side of the pile, from the center of the upper end face of 100mm,  fix the pile nameplate, and fill the pile number with the oil signal pen (see  the packing number on the packing box), as shown in Figure 6;

  Chapter 5 Operating Instructions

  This chapter describes the test pile in the use of intelligent wireless  data remote module description:

  1。 Instructions for using the mobile client

  5.1 Mobile client instructions

  Test pile intelligent wireless data remote module is intelligent data  acquisition and communication terminal, when the test pile intelligent wireless  data remote module installation is complete, the power switch can be used, the  normal operation without user intervention, to facilitate the user's  Installation and testing.

  Of course, the user's use of the process in order to query the operation of  the acquisition module, or modify its internal configuration parameters, through  the mobile client, to achieve the parameters of the query and modify the  work。

  5。2 Description of the mobile client interface

  1) User login interface

  When you click into the Kazakhstan control technology mobile phone client,  the user interface will automatically enter the user login, as shown in the  right: enter the user name and password into the APP user interface

  2) Operation interface Main menu

  The main menu interface includes: device management, data center, site  management, location navigation, evaluation analysis, curve graphics, system  settings a total of seven interface;

  Chapter 6 Abnormal diagnosis and routine maintenance

  This chapter describes the HK-MTU-T8000P series test pile intelligent  wireless data remote module in the use of abnormal diagnosis

  1。 Fault content and processing

  2. Daily inspection and regular maintenance

  When the HK-MTU-T8000P series test pile intelligent wireless data remote  module failure occurs, the module will stop output, the network server will not  be able to receive the measured data sent back. When the fault occurs, through  the mobile client to read the test pile intelligent wireless data remote module  in the state parameters and fault code, the correct reasons to determine the  fault and provide appropriate solutions.

  6.1 fault content and processing

malfunction CodeContentDescriptionDealing  with countermeasures
01Reference  potential overvoltageThe  reference potential measurement is higher than the internal setpointCheck  long-term reference, pipe connection and external circuit is normal
02Reference  potential undervoltageThe  reference potential measurement is below the internal setpoint
03SIM  card errorNo  valid SIM card detectedCheck  whether the SIM card arrears
Check  if the SIM card is securely installed
04The  server can not connectThe  server has an exceptionNotify  the server maintenance personnel to maintain
05wrong  user name or passwordThe  server password is incorrectchange  Password
06The  server connection timed outWithin  1 minute, the server did not respondThe  server is busy and the phone client will try to connect again after a few  minutes

  6.2 Routine inspection and regular maintenance

  In the HK-MTU-T8000P series test pile intelligent wireless data remote  module in the normal use of the process, need to do routine and regular  maintenance checks to ensure its stable and safe operation。

Check  itemcheck  contentsCheck  cycleInspection  MethodJudgement  standardAbnormal  countermeasure
dailyA  year
Equipment  surroundingsPlease  check the ambient temperature and humidity
Measured  with a thermometer and hygrometerTemperature,  humidity limitImprove  the site environment
Whether  there is accumulation of flammable materials
VisualNo  foreign body
Whether  the installation location is immersed in water
VisualNo  immersionImprove  the installation environment
device  installationIs  the housing installed secure?
Visual  touchNo  abnormally looseReinforcement
The  internal battery pack capacity of the deviceWhether  the battery pack capacity is normal
Hand-held  terminal detectionRated  battery capacityReplace  the battery pack
Equipment  terminal fixing screwWhether  the locking part is loose
Visually,  with a screwdriver to check if the screws are looseNo  abnormalityLock  or repair
Whether  the terminals are damaged

Equipment  cableWhether  Whether  there is a clear rust stateit is deformed, skewed
VisualNo  abnormalityReplacement  or repair
Wire  sheath is damaged

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