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Portable reference electrode
  • Portable reference electrode
Product description

  Reference electrode application:

  ● Precise monitoring of cathodic protection status. For measuring the potential of sacrificial anode protection;

  ● In the external current cathodic protection system, for the automatic control of the stable signal source for buried pipes and underground metal structures of the cathodic protection project;

  ● can be buried in the need to monitor and can not enter the location, such as: large container bottom center position; underground fuel storage and chemical storage tank can not close the location between the city road under the pipe network, etc。 can be pre-embedded during construction ,long-term use。;

  ● Telemetry source for pipeline cathodic protection。

  Reference electrode type specification

namemodelshapelifeApplicable environment
Copper / saturated copper sulfate reference electrodeCCTCylindricalAfter the addition of copper sulfate continue to applyPortable, for field measurement in water and soil
MCT-IICans10Buried with long life electrodes
Silver / silver chloride reference electrodeCCY-1Cylindrical6In the sea
CCY-2Mesh6In the sea
Silver / silver halide reference electrodeCYLRound sheet5In the sea
High purity zinc reference electrodeCCX-IDiscoid10Sea water, light sea water

  Portable Reference Electrode Use: Portable copper sulfate reference electrode for field use。 Mainly used for the determination of underground metal pipe natural potential and cathodic protection potential, the determination of stray current in the soil can also be used to determine the cable metal sheath and concrete in the potential of steel。 The electrode in the soil is more sticky place, can be used to add the current cathodic protection system in the control potential with the reference electrode。 Can be used in various types of soil and fresh water。

  2, structural performance

  (1) electrode size is small, easy to carry。 The cavity is made of transparent plexiglass or ABS tube, easy to observe the saturation of the internal copper sulfate solution。

  (2) electrode potential stability, the electrode is not easy to polarize.

  (3) electrode long life, electrode cap and electrode cavity with screw mouth connection, filling solution convenient. A perfusion can be used for more than a year.

  (4) electrode structure is firm, joint corrosion resistance, microporous membrane leakage rate is appropriate, no visible flow, can be placed in the pocket。

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