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Logo pile
  • Logo pile
Product description

  Fiberglass sign piles, warning signs, logo bricks。 Widely used in electricity, natural gas, water supply, communications, sewage, oil, petrochemical, mining and other pipeline buried concealed works。

  1, fiberglass logo pile material: high strength glass fiber composite molding (recycling useless)。

  2, FRP logo pile surface text with a special silk screen and concave processing, a color curing molding.

  3, FRP logo pile color bright, anti-aging, good strength, the service life of up to 30 years.

  4, fiberglass logo pile really maintenance-free, unlike cement, stone and other materials need to be regularly every year to paint, spray the word, save maintenance costs, the product surface text hard, wear lasting. Can also be provided by the user units of the station, mileage, the direction of the direction of the arrow, maintenance of telephone and other information materials one by one custom.

  5, glass steel sign pile installation method: digging buried depth pit, before and after the cross cross into the two 25 CM steel bars, cement stone can be fixed。 Round pavement with a circular hole through the required size of the pipeline through the road perforation, the lower part of the cement slurry fixed, the mouth and the road can be flush。

  6, FRP flag piles full range of works to Party A to enhance the corporate image of a new image management, the specific size can be customized.

  7, FRP flag pile related technical data:

  (1), tensile strength ≥ 160MPa

  (2), bending strength ≥ 190MPa

  (3), bending strength after immersion ≥ 150MPa

  (4), Pakistani hardness ≥ 38

  (5), ring steel (5%) ≥ 50KPa

  (6), heat distortion temperature ≥ 160 ℃

  (7), oxygen index of 26%

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