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Test piles
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Product description

  Test Pile Uses: mainly used for cathodic protection parameter detection, pipeline management and maintenance is essential in the device, according to the test function along the layout. Test pile can be used for pipeline potential, current, insulation performance test, can also be used for cover leakage and AC and DC interference test.

  Test pile type: potential test pile; current test pile; casing test pile; insulation connection test pile; sacrificial anode test pile; other test pile; cross point test pile;

  Test pile model: Φ108 × 2000 × 4mm; Φ108 × 3000 × 4mm; Φ89 × 1800 × 3mm; Φ89 × 1800 × 4mm; Φ114 × 3000 × 4mm;

  Can also be produced according to customer requirements of different specifications of the test pile。



Specifications Length × diameter × wall thickness (length × width × height) mmMaterial
CS-12000×ф108×4Carbon steel
CS-21800×ф89×3Carbon steel
CS-31200×120×120stainless steel

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