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Long - acting copper sulfate reference electrode
  • Long - acting copper sulfate reference electrode
Product description

  Long-acting copper sulfate reference electrode Uses: mainly used for sacrificial anode cathodic protection of the potential measurement; in the external current cathodic protection system, for automatic control of the stable signal source for buried pipes and underground metal structures cathodic protection works.

  Reference electrode type and specification

MaterialmodelshapelifeApplicable environment
Copper / saturated copper sulfateCCTCylindricalAfter the addition of copper sulfate continue to applyPortable, for field measurement in water and soil
MCT-ICans>5Used in soil medium
MCT-IICans>10Buried with long life electrodes

  The Main Technical Index of Saturated Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode

Critical current density+30-10uA/cm2
Potential accuracy≤±10mV
Electrode design life>10year
Open circuit potential+316mV(vs,SHE)

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